Slot Machine Strategies

Winning slot machines requires luck to be on your side. This is indeed true, but despite this there are some ways with which you can improve your winning chances. Here are the most popular strategies that let you hit the impressive jackpot on your favorite game.

Betting Pattern

Try to form some sort of pattern for the bets that you place. For instance, you could start by betting small. If you keep losing, increase the bet by one. Try again several times, and then gradually increase them until you win. When this happens, start decreasing your bets.  Set a maximum limit for the bets that you place so you do not end up losing excessive money.


Many online casino players consider the bigger jackpots to be better, but this is not always so.  Jackpots that comprise of 6 or 7 figures are hardly ever in reach, and pay less frequently. However, the smaller jackpots pay more frequently. If you win them often, your earnings can still be huge.


The payout rates on every slot machine are different. Obviously, go for the higher rates. With most slot machines, there is variation between the payout percentages, meaning that a machine that has 95% payout rate would pay an amount that is plus or minus 1% or 2% of the standard rate. Opt for machines that have lesser percentage variations.

Win Chances

Try to determine your win chances. As an example, if your slot machine has 3 reels and 10 pay lines, each of which have the jackpot symbol. In this situation, the three symbols would align once in almost 1000 pulls. Proceeding about your game in this analytical manner provides you with more control.

Different Machines

Never stick to just one slot machine. Try out as many as you can for better chances and improved game play.

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