How to become a professional roulette player

The good news, if you are thinking about becoming a professional roulette player, is that just about anyone can do it. Of course, there may be some barriers, such as being old enough, or living in an area or country where roulette is permitted, but for most people, these barriers do not apply.

So, assuming you meet these very basic requirements, the first thing that you need to know is how to actually play the game. This is very straightforward: basically, there is a table with a grid of numbers to place bets on – either individually, or with a variety or sets or groups of numbers – plus the option to bet on red or black. A ball is spun around a wheel containing coloured (red or black) numbers which correspond to the table.

At its simplest, you can randomly choose any of these betting options with which to place a bet on. However, if you want to become a professional, then this is where to skills start to emerge. There are many strategies involved, including understanding how to give yourself the best chance of winning, as well as how to maximise any winnings that you do make. Equally, there are strategies which professionals might use in order to minimise when they lose – which can still happen, even for professionals. By learning and practicing these strategies, you can help to increase your chances of success.

Once you know what you are doing, it is then important to have the confidence to use what you have learnt whilst you are actually at the table. Just as with the motto of the British S.A.S – “who dares wins.”

Just as important as confidence, perhaps, is the art of patience. There may be times when things aren’t going your way, but the best players have the ability to stay calm, so as to keep on track with the strategy that they are using, rather than losing their cool and doing something silly.

Ultimately, to become a professional roulette player, it is best to have a mixture of the right skills and the right mind set.

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