How to Play Multi Wheel Roulette

One reason why so many people are drawn to Roulette games is because of the variety it offers. There are different kinds of Roulette games that are bound to satisfy all types of Roulette players, and one of them is the Multi Wheel Roulette.

Multi Wheel Roulette is a European-style game with one online roulette table that has 8 roulette wheels, instead of just one or two, with each wheel spinning independently of the others. This makes it 8 times more challenging and exciting than your usual, classic or regular Roulette game. It also increases a player’s chances of winning by 8 times!

Multi Wheel Roulette is similar to regular roulette when it comes to the rules, so players who are already familiar with them won’t have a hard time at all.

Playing Multi Wheel Roulette

The player has to place bets, applied to all eight wheels on the online roulette table. This is akin to placing bets at 8 roulette tables. If one bet is placed, this means there is one in eight chances of winning.

It’s simple enough: the bet placed by the player will be multiplied by the number of wheels being played. This means that a $5 bet on evens is actually a $40 bet on evens, provided you play on all the 8 wheels on the board.

However, players are not required to play ALL the 8 wheels. They have the option to choose how many – or how few – wheels they want to play. This will also depend on the online casino where the roulette game is being played from, since some online casinos pre-select some, if not all, the wheels for the player.

Betting in Multi Wheel Roulette is pretty much the same as a regular roulette game. Click on a chip value that you want to bet and then click on the spot on the roulette table or board that you want to place your bet on.

When that is done, click Spin and wait for all the wheels to stop spinning, until such time that you are shown on which wheel the ball has landed, letting you know whether you’ve won or not.